parent interviews


Why we are doing parent interviews

We recognise that we cannot capture all the detail of any experience in a questionnaire alone, so we hope to interview a small number of parents (or legal guardians/adults with parent responsibility) to find out about their experience in greater depth. We want to hear about parents' experience in their own words and to discuss topics which may not have come up in the questionnaire, but which are important to parents. 

Who we will choose for interviews

We would ideally like to interview all parents that agree to participate in this part of the study, but it is only practical to interview a small number of parents. In total, we hope to interview about 50 parents from all across the country.

In choosing who to interview, we want to create a diverse group of parents to be interviewed who differ in: where they live in England and Wales, how old their child was when taken to PICU and what illnesses the child had that brought them to PICU, as well as other things such as whether both parents travelled together, in the ambulance, by their own transport, or travelled separately to get to the hospital.  

How will you know if you are selected for an interview?

At the time of agreeing to take part in the questionnaire, we ask parents/guardians to let us know if they are happy to be contacted about participating in the interview.

If we invite you to the interview, we will use these details to get in contact about 2-3 months after your child’s admission to PICU. 

What will it feel like to be interviewed?

We want parents/guardians to feel as comfortable as possible when we conduct the interview, so we ask them to think about where and how they would feel most comfortable to complete the interview. We can conduct the interview at home or elsewhere. We can conduct the interview either face to face or by Skype/on the phone. 

We will ask parents questions about their experiences but the questions are not to test parents. They are just to encourage parents to speak freely about their experiences as a parent and as a family. 

The interviews will vary in length depending on how much parents have to say, but could be anything from 30 mins to 2 hours. We will of course take breaks if parents need them!

We tape record the interviews, with parents' permission, so that we as researchers can concentrate on what parents are saying rather than scribbling notes. The recordings are then transferred to paper with any names removed so that it is anonymous. Once we have checked that the paper version is an accurate record of what was said we delete the audio recording.

Any questions?

More information about participating in the interviews can be obtained from the PICU research team or by contacting the DEPICT Study team by email: