Parent questionnaire


About the questionnaire

The questionnaire asks parents/guardians about their experience of the different stages of the transport journey. We have grouped the questions into three stages:

1) The time in the hospital where it was decided that the child needed to be transferred to PICU.

2) When the transport team arrived, took over care for the child and moved them to PICU, and

3) When the child arrived at the PICU.

Who can complete the questionnaire?

While we welcome feedback from other family members present while the child was transported to PICU, for legal reasons related to consent to access medical records (related to the child’s transport journey, treatment and recovery), we can only invite parents (and legal guardians or adults with parental responsibility) to formally participate in the study.

We recognise that parents (or guardians/adults with parental responsibility) may have experienced the journey differently, so we invite parents to each complete a questionnaire separately, if they want to, so that each parent can tell us their personal experience.  

How to complete the questionnaire

Staff working on the PICU will have approached parents/guardians of children transported in 2018 for consent to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire can be completed either on paper or online - details will be provided by the PICU staff. Please ask the PICU research team for more details.

Is the feedback treated confidentially?

We want parents/guardians to be as honest as possible. If there were aspects related to the care of their child that they believe could have been different, then we invite them to tell us. All responses are confidential and will only be available to the DEPICT study team.

Any questions?

All PICUs that are participating in the DEPICT Study have a research team that will approach and discuss the study with parents/guardians. They will be able to answer any questions regarding the study.