We have an independent Study Steering Committee who review the work that we do to ensure that the DEPICT Study is conducted to the rigorous standards set out in the Department of Health’s Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care, and the Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice.

The Study Steering Committee meet twice a year and provide overall supervision for the project, on behalf of the Project Sponsor (Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust) and the Project Funder (National Institute for Health Research).

The Study Steering Committee is made up of people who are experienced in the area of health care that we are investigating but are independent from the project – this means that they are not employed to work on the project but are qualified to judge the value and appropriateness of the work that we do. The committee includes parents whose children have experienced care from PICUs (Paediatric Intensive Care Units).


The Data Monitoring Committee are a small group of people who are independent from the study, but expert in either statistics or have experience in the field of Paediatric Intensive Care, just like the Study Steering Committee (SSC). The role of the DMC is to review the data that we collect from the study as well as our data analyses.

The data from this study comes from a mixture of sources and includes anonymous data collected from previous transports to PICUs that happened between 2014 and 2016, as well as data that we will collect from parent questionnaires and from talking to parents, patients and staff during 2018. 

The Data Monitoring Committee is tasked with ensuring - by looking at the data - that the safety, rights and well-being of participants is maintained. The Data Monitoring Committee makes recommendations to the SSC.